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What do clients say?

  • „Understanding construction business is not easy, it is a complicated mechanism of relations. Simulation training „Construction Business Today", which SMARTER developed for us, has significantly helped to understanding those relations and to analysing the key steps to successful growth of our company. Participants had a chance to witness the processes inside and outside HOCHTIEF from a „helicopter view“, which they normally do not get to see. Simulations are a perfect tool for every manager and every specialist to perceive their work not only from a technical and operational point of view, but also as the one responsible for the given department.“

    Miroslav Kos, HR director HOCHTIEF CZ

    „This year, we have decided to develop a system of annual appraisal interveiws of managers and other employees. We have counted on experiences of SMARTER, who have come up with two variations of the feedback: a classical manager-to-subordinate interview and on-line 360° feedback. We decided to go for the more difficult option. SMARTER has reacted promtly and designed the whole bunch of tools for on-line feedback. They trained the managers as well as their subordinates. SMARTER has respected our priorities and competences while developing the tailor-made questionnaires. Also, thumbs up for helping us promote this activity and bring everyone on board.“

    Halina Trsková, Member of board, PVZP

    „Much like other production plants operating on the Czech market, Faurecia is also dealing with high personnel turnover, especially among operators. We wanted to know the reasons why people leave – therefore, we launched a „mystery working“ project, in partnership with SMARTER. We enjoyed a truly professional approach and openness. The solution they came up with was highly practical. We know that SMARTER is among the top Czech consultant companies which means their suggestions are based on rich experience that bring the desired objectivity for us. Together, we have designed a great concept to help stabilize the operators. This concept was based on 3 mutually contributive methods: questionnaires for operators, interviews with their managers, and the mystery working itself, which consisted in observation done by a researcher who spent 10 days working as one of the operators. This in-depth analysis has produced much important information about the cause of personnel turnover and at the same time it has inspired us to implement a number of measures which help stabilise the operators staff in long term.“

    Jana Patková, Group Country Human Resources Director CZ
  • „The training was truly beneficial. I appreciate the supportive environment where one can freely say what s/he thinks. The lecturer‘s approach was motivational and liberating.“ „I look forward to every new training. I am always inspired and ready to apply the newly acquired know-how to my everyday life.“ „To me, role playing, followed by analysis, was the most helpful part. I feel more confident in those types of situations and I know how to handle them.“

    SEPHORA, „Useful feedback giving“ training

    „I appreciate that the lecturer works with actual needs of the participants and does not adhere to the typical outline of a training. It is always tailor-made and that is what makes the biggest impact.“ „I must admit it was hard to step out of my comfort zone in role plays, but it was well worth it. Now I know how to make emotionally heavy situations more factual. Thanks!“ „Our lecturer infused the training with insights from his own experience and I would definitely recommend this training to anyone who works with people.“

    ČDIS, „How to handle difficult situations“ training

    „I find role playing and practical examples to be most effective. I have improved my formulas based on the real-life examples and I know how to manage a business meeting.“ „I tend to stereotypes when it comes to meeting with clients – this training was a valuable refreshment.“ „I am now more confident in acquisitions thanks to role plays in „safe environment“ of the classroom. I am now equipped with many tips how to formulate sentences that trigger the desired reaction on the client‘s side.“

    ČSOB, „The pathway to being a great salesman“ training